About us

De Art for Decoration and Interior Design was established in 2019 by a local team specialized in decorations with insight and experience in this field, and since that time we have been happy to serve our valued customers who are increasing day by day .. which increases our pride in our field and our work.
Since the opening of the company, we occupy a prominent position among the companies specialized in the field of interior decorations and designs, and all this is due to the successive successes that we achieve in our projects, whether they are residential designs, commercial facilities, or even government agencies.

Our vision:

It is opening new horizons for decorations and interior design. We plan and design through design experts and creators who aspire to reach the highest levels of creativity in interior design concepts, to create an atmosphere of competition in tastes and choices. We aspire to make your home your private world that you never tire of looking at its details. From here we started.

Our mission:

Establishing design rules again, and making our designs and ideas a distinguished reality by integrating the creativity of our designers and the expertise of our engineers, to combine luxury, durability and quality, and to be the best in the field of decorations and interior designs.

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